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What May Happen

What may happen: Better testing, less often.
Point of Collection Testing POCT will increase, especially oral fluid testing. Less laboratory testing frequency but more comprehensive. Why pay €30 to screen for 6 drug groups if two of the groups have no relevance? Better to pay €60 and look for as much as possible and do this less often.
In a “for cause” situation a more comprehensive test makes more sense. In an accident situation with all the other attendant costs related to production, medical treatment, litigation etc.
The situation is fluid, the number of illicit drugs in Europe is increasing and the challenges in detection remain. Traditional limited panel “High throughput” screens are not addressing a moving and rapidly developing drug scene.
Chemical tests and assays already exist to test human receptor binding and this may be the way of the future.
Donor submits an oral fluid sample.
“Psychoactive binding test assay” shows positive result
Mass spectrometry confirmation then identifies and quantifies compound or compounds present.

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