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The Future

The future


The UK is expected to go the same way as Ireland. The new Psychoactive Substances Act will force the headshops to close. The trade will go underground, and be internet only.

New compounds will surface with little or no known therapeutic data.

People will ingest these new white powders and dose based on a friend’s advice.

AgriYork are collaborating with London hospitals in a study to sample from drug users presenting to emergency rooms.

These volunteers will agree to have blood and oral fluid samples analysed for new psychoactive substances. This it is hoped, will lead to dose concentrations and symptoms data. Bear in mind, these patients are ill, that is why they are at A&E.


New psychoactive will change the workplace drug scene too. The traditional heroin, cocaine use is reducing. Cannabis is becoming decriminalised in many places, and prescription benzodiazepines are increasing dramatically.

Last year in Norway, their customs reported that New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) accounted for more seizures than all of the traditional illicit drugs combined.

EWDTS and the testing laboratories will need to adapt to this.


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