It may be that you have an interest in this section because drugs and or alcohol have an impact on your work environment or your ability to enter the workforce.

This section is specifically written to inform, not to judge.

 There are three types of “employee” in the context of Workplace Drug Testing

An individual seeking a job who is at the application stage.

An employee in an existing role who is subject to a drug test as part of a drug and alcohol testing programme.  This test may be random or “for cause.”
For cause meaning that an incident has occurred, and the protocol in investigating the incident will involve the elimination of drugs and or alcohol as being a factor in what happened.
This may mean the injured party, or the persons or people involved in all aspects of what happened and why.

The third type of employee is someone applying “in advance” for a seasonal job. For example, a Christmas job in the warehouse of an on line retailer.
This may involve work in December, but the employer wishes to “line up” potential workers in November to cope with the additional seasonal workload.