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Collection Services

Collection Services


Many employer clients do not fully appreciate the necessity of having samples collected and transported properly.

EWDTS recognise this, but the situation and possible resolution is quite complex.

ISO 17025 is the accreditation standard for test and calibration laboratories. UKAS in the UK have already accredited the collection services of one drug testing laboratory. This path is available to existing ISO 17025 Laboratories or test labs seeking this mark.

However, the vast majority of collection agencies are not in fact ISO 17025 Labs.

Also the vast majority of existing ISO 17025 Workplace Drug Testing labs have NOT sought accreditation for their collection services.

This is partly due to the fact that the collectors are not laboratory employees, and also the test labs may believe that most or many elements of ISO 17025 do NOT apply to collection services.

We therefore have an uncontrolled system, which when it goes wrong is spectacular.

Reference the oral fluid cocaine result from last year, which involved a bus driver.



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